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Creating a square the moves from left to right.

1.- Drag three input elements from the basic tool bar into the board.

2.- Drag a sinus oscillator into the board and connect the three input objects, each to one input of the oscillator.

3.- Type 100 into the amplitude input, 5 into the frequency input and 200 into the offset input. Drag a display object into the board and connect the output of the oscillator to its input. You should see a value that oscillates between 100 and 300 hundred. This value will be our x coordinate.

4.- Now drag another input object to the board and give it the value of 100. this will be the value of out y coordinate.

5.- Now drag a solid square shape from the shapes tool bar and connect the x coordinate to the output of the display object created on step 3 and the y coordinate to the output of the input object created on step 4. If you press the display graphics button on the utility menu you should see a square going left to right. To remove the graphics window just click on the button marked with an x at its top right.

Now lets make the graphic a little more interesting.

6.- Drag two more input objects to the board. Connect the first one to the alpha input of the shape and give it a value of 15. Then connect the second one to the trail input and give it a value of 20. Click on the display graphics button to see your work.

7.- Now we are going to duplicate the output of our oscillator so that it not only changes the x coordinate but also the rotation of the shape. To do this first drag the display object to the trash. This step is not absolutely necessary but it will give us more space. Now drag a Mult3 object to the board just where the display object was. Connect the output of the oscillator to the input of the Mult3 and then connect one of the outputs to the x coordinate and the other to the rotation input. Now press the display grapic window button to see you work.

Nice isn't it, that is your first step in becoming a computer graphic artist.

© 2005, Julio García Sacristán